Monday, January 19, 2015

Cutting Too Close to the Bone

                She's always  asking me Biblical advice and always the questions come. I said 'do you smoke? "No' the reply. Well Darling niece what if you had to take that up just to kill the odor of rotting flesh, as the soldiers did in WWI in the trenches. (just to get her attention) She's all upset, I try to calm her down. She's still grieving over her Mother's death.

           I really don't like to cut to close too the bone with those who grieve. right? If they keep grieving after a certain amount of time. I have to remind people, loved ones etc, not to be 'selfish'. That's a tough one but that IS where the rubber meets the road. Hard to lay that on people. But, They will think on it and the tough love does help. She asked about the ever popular 666 and numerology of the Bible. She's right in the heart of the 'Bible Belt" after all. Some make a big thing out of numerology especially in the Bible. That is pure evil. Don't make a religion out of it, or you'll wind up with the Bilderbergers.  I carefully explained that it's just a number, no need have fear of it. As you are familiar, gentle Aristarchus, It's only a dispensation of time and 'events' that are going to take place. Funny how people never ask about 777 which is much more important.

   The sixth seal (knowledge) the sixth Frag ( from the Greek 'fragidzo',(Like a fragmentation grenade) or, Trump (trumpet) as you know. That signifies 'action' like, (Hey get your butt out of bed it's reveille) Just my luck, I'm the guy who has the assignment of waking the bugler, my ROOMATE! Great.

        The last is the sixth 'Vial'. which will be poured out. The 'wrath' of God. This is the 'Cup' Jesus did not want to have to pour out, 'Father, if it be your will, let THIS cup pass from me'! People mistake that for Jesus being afraid to be tortured mocked and crucified. When all along it just means HE does not want to pour it out on us! What a God of love we have. To think of us at that time. We are not capable of this level of Love. And in the end, that's all God wants from us. Jos:6;6 'I do Not want your burnt offerings! I want your love' So 666 is just the time Satan will be given to seduce the entire world) he will almost succeed..

      And on 777? That is the return of Christ, which I reminded her. So,7th seal 7th Trump,7th Vial. The numbers in the Bible have different meanings,(of course) and the mathematical science matches everything in the word. (Bach knew of this quite keenly as he used the Math in His art of music).777 is in spirit, it is the return of the Lord. When his feet touch down, we are put, (like melting wax) into our true bodies.  The one's we were originally created in on the 6th day of creation. Adam and Eve do not come along til' the  eighth day. The second 'Adam' (the first was on the 'sixth day' as written..

      The number 14 is a powerful number, as is 18, 4, 3, 7, and many more. For instance 40 is big. How many years in the desert for the means 'probation'. It's everywhere in the word. I had a brain tumor for 18 years (18 means 'bondage') pain is Satan, so 'bondage' to Satan. You too have gone through this bondage. And who, but you and your friend's Aristotle, Socrates the entire school of Athens you hang with. You understand mathematical relationships more than anyone.

Easy as taking candy from a baby Gorilla.

Why do I tell you these things? For money!!

That's another 25 cents Pal. it's mounting up.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everything in Life

Some spiritual reflection from an old friend were sent in a recent email Here is what he had to say:

Everything in life, I believe is known to God. I mean its Biblical common sense. I'm sure you have read Psalm 22, Matthew 24, Luke 21,and most importantly, Mark 13. All are related to the same subject. I have studied the Bible for twenty five years or so. studied it, not evangelized it! We're talking Geek (for the new testament) Hebrew for the old. Strong's "exhaustive concordance of the Bible”. Dr. Strong put every word contained in the Bible and translated  from the Masseradic text(s) the Aramaic, Chaldee, Greek and Hebrew. Its title is exact "Strong’s Exhaustive concordance of the Bible. i am NOT a "jump for Jesus" or Bible thumper, but rather chapter by chapter, verse by verse teaching, so there is absolutely no ambiguity. If I don't know the answer, I will find it. People need truth, and will gravitate towards it IF they hear it As a reader, I'm sure you love the texts, it all comes from there and flows back to it.

At all. The manuscripts have been polluted by Kenites (scribes) the same bunch have been working with dedicated fervor to destroy the "word" as well as they murdered Jesus.  The only time I open my mouth Biblically is if someone says something in total ignorance, THEN  I have to speak up.  Some misconceptions, Mary Magdalene was NOT a prostitute (the original texts say it very clearly. Jesus's miracles are more numerous than people are "taught" more than can be numbered. Mary was possessed with seven Demons ,seven! Christ spent much time casting out bad spirits, naturally when he was here they ran but could not hide. Mary was so grateful she became a disciple really. But "traditions of men" found it easier to make her a Harlot. Judas? Let me share with you. Judas, supposed to have killed himself (suicide), that text has also been altered, let's remember he Repented, first of all, he returned the 30 pieces of silver. he was turned by Satan ( "and  Satan entered into Judas") Well, As Peter relates to us ,I'm paraphrasing, Judas was "hung" and his belly was opened from throat to navel. Do you know anybody who can hang themselves AND then cut themselves open so their "gut's fell out?

Of course not. Also the Kenites were not about to let him go running around Judah, blowing the whistle on their conspiracy and murder! of course not.

          Exhaustive/ You bet. If you have Biblical questions, ask me, as I said, if I don't know, we'll look it up together.

How did I get off our subject? Oh yeah, our lives being already determined ahead of time. Absolutely ,in my life it's all over the place. The agnostic's will inevitably say, 'well what about free will.'  Yes ,God gives us a choice, we can worship him or the other father Satan. Anyway that's the reason I know you and I are meant to be friends, it's all written.
      I won't bother you about the Bible, I don't do that.         Since we tithe where we are taught, you owe my 25 cents for the biblical study. . .

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Merit Increase - Old School

This is how they wrote a memo in the old days.

Research Center, Wayne New Jersey
April 13, 1967
To:          Dr. R. H. Ewart
From:     W. D. Sheils
Subject: Merit Increase for R. L. Bredimus
Please consider Mr. Bredimus for a merit salary increase based
on his performance since September 1964, the date of his last increase.
Bredimus has demonstrated to all concerned that his competence
in the field of machine design is without question. Listed
below are some of the research oriented projects for which he
has made substantial contributions in the past two years:
1.            Radial filament sphere project.
2.            Hi pressure test equipment.
3.            Skid and traction instrumentation
4.            Tire testing facilities.
5.            New tire concept design.
6.            Golf ball test equipment.
7.            Rheology ofplastics
8.            Stress relaxation equipment for Dr. Tokita.
9.            Torsion pendulum design.
10.          Gov't. Contract work on heated divers' suits.
11.          Drawing equipment for Polyester cord project.
In addition to research oriented projects, all facility design is under his direction.
Bredimus also coordinates the activity of the various groups in order to find the most efficient method of doing work.
It is my opinion that Mr. Bredimus has earned a salary increase.
                                W. D. Sheils

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Personal Computers as Permanent Guests

Computerworld November 7, 1983
Hotel Chain Using Micros in Reservations Net
PHOENIX             Personal computers are becoming permanent guests at hotels belonging to the world's third largest hotel firm. With the installation of 635 IBM Personal Computers in hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada, Ramada Inns, Inc. has become the first hotel chain to use the micros as reservations terminals. The Personal Computers have been linked to the company's main reservations computers in Phoenix and to other hotels in the chain which has 97,000 rooms in more than 600 inns and hotels.
"We had a homegrown system which we developed over 10 years ago that ran on Digital Equipment Corp. processors," said Nicholas Bredimus, vice-president of the Information Services Division for Ramada here, "but it wasn't appropriate for the '80s. "We changed our main reservation system and cut over in December 1982 to an IBM-based system which uses the Airline Control Program operating system used by most major airlines and travel companies”, said Nicholas Bredimus.
"Then we followed up with a replacement of all the terminals. It just happened that at the time we were looking for a replacement terminal, IBM announced the Personal Computer”, he added
The Personal Computers were installed at the rate of about 60 per week over a 90-day period past September. "The reason we chose IBM wasn't necessarily for performance but because that's where the availability of the best programs was. So it was a software decision," he added.
Reservations can be sent via the Personal Computer to individual Ramada Inns or to one of four reservations centers in Omaha, Neb., Toronto, London and Frankfurt, West. Germany. Presently, the Personal Computers have been installed only in the company's North American hotels. Ramada personnel are able to make, change and confirm reservations as well as supply guests with detailed information about any Ramada Inn worldwide.
According to Bredimus, future uses for the Personal Computers include electronic mail, hotel inventory, labor forecasting and financial planning and reporting. "The use of the terminals for reservations is their primary function. But the main reason we went with the Personal Computer was because it's not a dumb terminal and because of all the things that we could do locally at the hotel."  Bredimus said.
The Personal Computer has been programmed with information on travel agencies and holders of Ramada Pacesetter cards. “When a travel agent or Pacesetter card holder calls for a reservation, all a clerk needs is the agent's code or the card holder's number” Bredimus said.
The computer then prints all of the pertinent reservation information, including home address and credit card number. The computer also stores addresses and phone numbers for Ramada executive offices, reservations centers and sales offices worldwide.  "Up to this point, the performance of the units has been excellent," according to Nick Bredimus.
"We put a tutorial system right into the software because it was designed for people who have no prior experience with computers, and it actually shows them what every key on the keyboard does."
Besides saving time and adding to guest convenience, the Personal Computers are expected to reduce Ramada's communications costs, which will supposedly allow the hotel chain to keep its prices down.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

TripAdvisor Controversy

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hacker Arrested in Thailand

Nick Bredimus in the news about arrest in Thailand as he says "just say no to hacking". Young people think that hacking is just pulling pranks, but these stories mention millions of dollars lost to hacking crimes.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Call Your Doctor

Medical care is a business; A big business.

Read what Terry Molinari has to say about his battle to get a little allergy medicine.